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Staff Favourites

A Novel Spot has a curated selection of books and a staff of voracious readers. We're always happy to provide recommendations and let you know what we've been enjoying lately. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for monthly picks!
The bookshop is Sarah's second home, and fiction is her favourite genre. She's partial to historical fiction, and also devours well-written emotionally charged family stories. Every so often she'll delve into a mystery/thriller and then she'll ask herself why she doesn't read more of them.
Our most particular reader on staff, Chris demands well-written books. She favours sparse descriptions and clarity of prose, typically reading fiction but also enjoying memoirs with a focus on science or nature.
Katie is a lover of historical fiction set in any era. She enjoys books with exquisite prose, and anything that can make her cry. In addition to bookselling, Katie also runs our social media accounts (check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!)
Mary is a fan of contemporay fiction that takes her to destinations far and wide. Historical fiction series are another favourite and she enjoys revisiting with old friends.
Diane is our big mystery reader, and every so often she'll delve into historical fiction. She can recommend her favourite detectives or the latest great thriller.
Susan is our most voracious reader; she reads all genres and easily finishes 3-4 books a week. Books set in the South are particularly appealing to her, and she appreciates fine writing.
Helen likes a variety of genres but has a special fondness for dark &/or dystopian stories. Historical fiction set in far-flung places and biographies with a scientific bent are also on her favourites list.
The mastermind behind our newsletter, Kathleen has a wide-ranging passion for books, enjoying everything from classic literature to the latest YA, and reads a lot of Canadian authors.